Guide:- Skyrim Spoiler Free Hints & Tips

Welcome Dragonborn! Skyrim is a huge game, not just in geographic scope, but also in terms of storyline, depth and choices. It is thus best enjoyed with a sense of wonder and discovery, so we will be steering well clear of any spoilers and just giving you the lowdown on how to make the most [...]

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Thu, November 24 2011 » Guides & Tips » 2 Comments

Guide:- Rage Nightmare Difficulty

Here is our quick guide for anyone playing Rage to use as a “cheat sheet”. It’s aimed at those playing Rage on “Nightmare” difficulty but, of course, it’s guidance is applicable to anyone who plays Rage at any difficulty. As ever, for any guide written by me, it is spoiler free, as far as I [...]

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Fri, October 21 2011 » Guides & Tips » 3 Comments

Guide:- Surviving Game Expos

 Earlier this month I visited GAMEfest – the first computer games’ expo I have ever attended.  I went to bed the night before with a belly full of Horlicks and embraced the serene slumber that would leave me with batteries fully charged for the event the next day. Unfortunately, during that sleep I endured an extreme [...]

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Sat, September 24 2011 » Articles, Guides & Tips » 4 Comments

Guide:- Deus Ex Human Revolution

Deus Ex Human Revolution is jolly good fun, and so well designed that it’s pretty intuitive to play. Having said that there are a few things that you may want to consider to make your play-through all the more enjoyable. Here are those things! They’re detailed below and fully spoiler free. Enjoy!

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Thu, September 8 2011 » Guides & Tips » No Comments

Guide:- Enjoying The Witcher 2

Firstly, don’t worry, this is another of our spoiler free guides. We’ll be taking you through the basics and ensuring you have a good stable platform from which to enjoy playing The Witcher 2 in exactly the way you want, but we won ‘t be telling you where to go, what to say, or what [...]

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Fri, July 22 2011 » Guides & Tips » No Comments