Solo RAGE arrives on Mac

One of the big games of 2011 has arrived on Mac, courtesy of the App Store. Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s lacking any form of multi-player, but to be fair Mac players aren’t missing much as RAGE’s multi-player was… well… extremely limited… Furthermore it does include the cool former exclusives to the Anarchy Edition… Anyway, if you’re [...]

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RAGE (PS3 & 360) – £15

Angry at the price of RAGE? XBox 360:- PS3:- – Rax

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Guide:- Rage Nightmare Difficulty

Here is our quick guide for anyone playing Rage to use as a “cheat sheet”. It’s aimed at those playing Rage on “Nightmare” difficulty but, of course, it’s guidance is applicable to anyone who plays Rage at any difficulty. As ever, for any guide written by me, it is spoiler free, as far as I [...]

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Fri, October 21 2011 » Guides & Tips » 3 Comments

Rage postponed to October 4th

ID have announced that the release date for RAGE has been bumped tho October 4th (From the 13th of September). Now we don’t normally mind this, better a delayed release and a high quality playing experience than a buggy one. However, this has put RAGE’s release smack on the same day as The Darkness 2 [...]

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RAGE Trailer Amazes

So much to look forward to in what will certainly be one of the games of 2011… Like razor sharp boomerangs? Giant mutant foes? Post-apocalyptic cities? Swarms of highly agile opponents? Multi-level combat? Exciting!

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