NEWbreview Podcast Episode 27

See this is why we should NEVER drink before a podcast ever again..

With Tom away, Kieran once again takes the reigns has host, joined by resident podcast regular and idiot, Adam Radcliffe and brand new writer for the site Jason Borlase.

Together they cover the topic of games they DON’T want to see at E3 2011, as well as all the usual banterous the behavior that usually goes on.

Also listen in for a 60 second review of Snake Classic from the iTunes App Store AND details on how you can enter our L.A. Noire PS3 competition :)

Again, apologies for a very drunken Kieran, Jason and Adam.

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Sun, June 5 2011 » Podcasts

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  1. Sandy June 21 2011 @ 9:08 am

    Beer and burger meal…Ahh gourmet food, now thats good eating! haha so so freaking funny! thats so jason! chicken in bins! haha! How much do you weigh??? Insanity!!!

    You guys have a new fan!

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