Witcher 2 Gameplay Shots Amaze

The Witcher 2 eh? There has never, and I mean NEVER, been a better time for us to shut up and dish the goods on a set of screenshots, furthermore I personally implore you to click on any image you like the look of below to get the hi-res version of it, they are re-fecking-diculously beautiful, trust me!

Witcher 2 Gameplay 1

Spooky... in an excitingly Witcherish manner of course!

Witcher 2 Gameplay 2

Wow, that looks amazing...ly deadly...

Witcher 2 Gameplay 3

Alright love! Chillaxe! Go have a pie or something...

Witcher 2 Gameplay 4

Musn't... just... stand here... staring... at... the... scenery...

Witcher 2 Gameplay 5

Hello pretty lady... can I lend you my jacket?

Witcher 2 Gameplay 6

Over where? OK, thata way... got it...

Witcher 2 Gameplay 7

Actually I don't care... just FIIIIIIGHT!

Witcher 2 Gameplay 8

Never, NEVER take the kids with you a-questing...

Witcher 2 Gameplay 10

Run, run, take a photo, run, run...

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