Unique Shiny Pokemon Up For Grabs

Pokemon fanatics out there should probably consider making their way to the Pokemon Videogame National Championships that are taking place across Europe as attendees will be given a free download of the unique Shiny Pokemon Larvitar. In order to qualify for the free download players will need to bring along their copy of the Pokémon [...]

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Mon, February 20 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

BIT.TRIP Games Nintendo Bound

Rising Star Games have sent word that two BIT.TRIP games will be released on Nintendo platforms. The original BIT.TRIP series, created by Gaijin Games, is now presented in one collection on Nintendo Wii, while a portable version called BIT.TRIP SAGA will be released on 3DS. “We are thrilled to announce a release date for BIT.TRIP [...]

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Thu, February 16 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

Wii U Screen HD + 3D?

According to recent patents placed by Nintendo in the USA there is a possibility that the Nintendo WiiU’s screen may feature HD resolutions and be 3D enabled. Although the patents clearly say that the ideas registered are not entirely indicative of any retail product, they give us our best look at the ideas that Nintendo [...]

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Thu, February 16 2012 » Gaming News » 1 Comment

Review:- Resident Evil Revelations

Game: Resident Evil Revelations Format: 3DS Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom The Resident Evil series has generated a lot of flack in recent years as the franchise has moved away from its survival horror beginnings and ventured into the realm of action horror. For many gamers this was not an issue, but the hardcore fans that [...]

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Mon, February 6 2012 » 3DS, Reviews » 2 Comments

Review:- 3DS Circle Pad Pro

When Nintendo originally unveiled the 3DS and announced that console-like portable versions of your favourite games would be coming to their new handheld a number of commentators wondered how games like Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil would fare with the console’s single analogue stick. Well, it seems that the good people at Nintendo didn’t [...]

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Thu, February 2 2012 » 3DS, Reviews » 1 Comment