DLC Review:- Injustice: Gods Among Us – Batgirl

boxartlgGame: Injustice: Gods Among Us – Batgirl
Format: Xbox 360, PS3
Developer: Netherrealm Studios
Publisher: Warner Brothers

Shortly before the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us Netherrealm Studios announced that they would be releasing a Season Pass that allowed gamers to download four upcoming additional characters for the price of three. The first character to be added to the roster, Lobo, arrived a few weeks ago and we were pretty satisfied with him… for the most part.

Now that the second character, Bargirl is available, we can confirm that our main disappointment with Lobo (the fact that he didn’t come with any additional S.T.A.R Labs missions or extra costumes) also applies to Batgirl.

Don’t get me wrong, Batgirl is a well made character and clearly a lot of love and care has gone in to making her. But at the same time it’s still very disappointing that they don’t offer as much content for their downloadable characters as they do the original characters. The fact that there isn’t even a character icon in the archives, and there’s no way to replay her ending, seems like a strange omission.
Batgirl 002That aside, there’s a lot to enjoy about playing as Batgirl. She is a fast character who can be be armed with electrified gloves or arm blades and can switch between the two with a tap of the B button (circle on PS3). Switching between the weapons allows for Batgirl to perform slightly different special moves, essentially doubling his offensive arsenal.

Those that feared she would be little more than a reskin of Batman need not worry as she actually handles in a very different way. She’s less of a powerhouse and more of a fast character, with more rapid combo attacks. While she does throw batarangs her special moves mostly make use of the grapple to ensnare enemies or quickly dart across the room, dropping down on unsuspecting foes. The fact that her Super Move can only be performed while she is in the air also sets her apart from the rest of the rosta.

Batgirl 001
An additional costume for Bane, the bright purple Luchador costume, has been made available for free as an incentive to download a compatability pack. You can see our previous coverage of this costume here. As far as I know this costume is not based on any specific comic book, but it does feature the name of Bane’s place of birth, Pena Duro, emblazoned across his chest. It’s a neat idea to encourage people to download the latest updates and ensure that everyone still able to play online together.

The Good:

Batgirl feels authentic and plays really well.

Free Bane costume for all

The Bad:

Disappointing lack of bonus costumes, S.T.A.R Labs missions and additional content

Overall 3.5 out of 5

Batgirl is available to download now on Xbox 360 for 400 Microsoft Points and on PlayStation 3 for £2.99. If you are a season pass owner you can download her free of charge through the downloadable content menu in the game.

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