New Final Fantasy XIV Campaigns

Square Enix have announced two new campaigns aimed at rewarding the community members of their MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

The Legacy Campaign gives slightly slower subscription fees, a free Chocobo mount (pictured above), and a chance to have your name included in the game’s credits, to those that have been subscribed to the game for at least 90 days since 6th January 2012.

Meanwhile the Welcome Back Campaign is a 10 day free trial, due to start on 10th May, that aims to coax former players back into the fold, letting them try out all of the sweeping changes that have been made to the game since they last signed in.

All of these offers will take place shortly before the next significant update, version 2.0, and seem to offer up a good incentive for players to get back into the world of Final Fantasy XIV.



Fri, April 20 2012 » Gaming News

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