We Sing Facebook Game Launches

Today Nordic Games Publishing announced online music game We Sing Lyric Star is now available as a free to play app on the We Sing Facebook page.

The flash based game is based on the Nintendo Wii’s market-leading We Sing series and features five top tracks from internationally renowned artists including Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Elton John, Plain White Ts and Rihanna.

Lyric Star puts player’s musical timing to the test by challenging them to complete a track with all lyrics timed correctly to the backing track. You can’t get by on just your rhythm in this game, it takes speed and hand-eye co-ordination to complete a track.

“We Sing Lyric Star is the perfect accompaniment to the We Sing range of games and a fantastic entry point to the franchise,” says Nik Blower, sales and marketing director Nordic Games. “Making Lyric Star available via the We Sing Facebook page gives us a dedicated and highly loyal fan base from which to launch what is a highly addictive and fun app”.

Wannabe lyricists are given a backing track where they need to hit the right notes at the right time to enable the song’s lyrics to play over the music. If you’re too slow or too fast you’ll hear a buzzer, letting you know you are off beat. For every lyric that is missed blocks will build up, when the blocks hit the top of the game screen it’s game over.

Players can opt to link the app to their personal Facebook profile offering the perfect platform to publish and compare scores with friends and other We Sing fans and leaderboards are available to record high scores.

Lyric Star is available to play now on the We Sing Facebook page:

Wed, January 25 2012 » Gaming News

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