Top Gifts For Your Gamer This Christmas

Buying gifts for the average gamer can be quite a difficult thing, especially if you don’t know anything about games. The chances are they already have the games they want, and while you could try your luck picking something up from your nearest gaming emporium, you run the risk of picking up a real stinker and potentially runining your loved one’s Christmas.

With only a scarce few shopping days left until Christmas’s resident idiot Adam Radcliffe offers up his top picks for gifts for gamers.


First on the list of marvellous gaming oddities is GUNNARS, a curious name for a brand of glasses… I mean “digital performance eyewear.” If you’re like me and sometimes spend the entire day looking at your TV/monitor, playing games, saving the world, shooting aliens, and so on, then you may have noticed that your eyes can start to strain a lot. That’s where these stylish specs come in. Donning a pair of GUNNARS helps protect, enhance and optimise your vison, significantly improving your performance in game.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “how can a pair of glasses actually make me a better gamer” well you’ll just have to trust me, I own a pair myself and they are freaking awesome, lots of professional gamers wear these and they’ll come in handy for your driving and help out at work as well. Sexy lady is not included with purchase but you do get a nice carry case.

Tritton Gaming Headset

There are thousands of different gaming headsets available for the modern gamer and if you like your games to have a higher degree of immersion, 5.1 surround sound and (of course) make you look cool as well, then you might want to consider a gaming headset. There’s a wide selection to choose from but for my money Tritton manufacter some of the best. They’re a great option for those of you who want to magnify the immsersion and reduce the distractions from reality. Not only that but the microphone quality will almost certainly be much better than the ones shipped with an Xbox or PS3 which will make your friends ears happy.


Yes, that’s right a SUMO! No I don’t mean a very large half naked japanese man, I mean the gaming chairs. As gamers spend a lot of time sitting down our buttocks can get pretty sore sometimes unless comfortable seating is in place. SUMO have developed quite a reputation for having world class bags of beans and a home without a bean bag chair is just wrong!


If you havent heard of them already insert coin t-shirts are fast becoming the go-to guys for all gaming related apparel. They have some excellent hoodies and they’re loved by the gaming industry and commoners alike. At a reasonable price and FREE delivery in the UK these are the gaming T-Shirts you’ll be proud to wear out in public.

Messenger Bags and Packpacks

We gamers do like to get out the house quite a lot (just in case you had any preconceptions) and when we do leave the safety of ourcaves one thing we enjoy doing is meeting other gamers, especially for LAN partys (the best kind of party.) If we’re not battling each other to the death in a friendly tournament we’ll be at a games convention. That’s where having a trendy and practical messenger bag and or backpack comes in handy. Obviously that empty void behind the zipper can hold any number of things so a gift like this will come in handy in any number of situations (especially at for university students)

Motion Controllers

If you know somebody with an Xbox 360 who doesn’t have a Kinect yet you might want to consider getting them one this christmas. It’s a fun little gadget that will never fail to get the family together for some laughs and possibly arguments. You’ll learn how to dance, sing, explore wondrous theme parks and get fit at the same time, heck if you wanted to you could even train to be a master in the arts of kung fu (although I wouldn’t recommend testing you new abilities on the streets.)

Playstation owners meanwhile may want to consider picking up Playstation Move. Purchasing a Move Starter Kit is slightly cheaper than Kinect and gives you the basics that you’ll need in order to start waving your arms about wildly in the name of fun.

pic of 360 & Kinect

Capture Cards

If you’ve ever wondered where all that glorious video gaming internet footage comes from, it’s from capture cards – little devices that connect your favourite gaming consoles to your computer, allowing you to record gaming footage. There wouldn’t be any gaming videos if it wasn’t for these little babies and pretty much everyone wants a baby. Being able to brag about your greatest gaming achievements is something we gamers relish in, looking back on your worst moments is also very amusing to others. They can lead to a nice little hobby, video editing skills and if they’re lucky they might even  make you some money… There are a number of options open to you, with prices ranging from £20 – £200.

- Adam Radcliffe

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