Retro Quick Look:- Power Stone

Originally released as a Sega Dreamcast launch title, Capcom’s arena combat game Power Stone is an incredibly charming fighting game that has worked its way into the hearts of almost everyone that has played it. Putting players in the role of a treasure hunter that seeks to find the legendary Power Stone, a mystical gem that has the ability to grant wishes, the most enjoyable thing about this game was the mad dash to collect segments of the Power Stone. Collecting three Power Stone pieces turned characters into a super powered version of themselves, complete with over the top screen filling special moves.

Chuck in the fact that random weapons, from lead pipes to bazookas, would spawn periodically throughout the level, and mix it with a uniquely Japanese sensibility (seriously, just listen to the announcer – he’s more camp than Elton John’s tent!) and you have the makings of a legendary title.

Join Jason, Luke and Adam as they look back at this classic title in this week’s Retro Quick Look.

Power Stone is currently available to download and play on PSP as part of the Power Stone Collection. As far as we are aware this collection does not work on PlayStation Vita, and there are no plans for a full console digital re-release. However, as Capcom are in the process of remastering many of their classic games, we can only hope that Power Stone, or it’s mental sequel, Power Stone 2, are in the works.

Be sure to come back next week for another Retro Quick Look video.

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