The Newb Review Game of the Year 2009!

No-one can deny that it has been a fantastic year for gaming. Whether you happen to be casual or hardcore; a PC, console or even handheld gamer; the market has been rife with great titles that cater to all. Here at The Newb Review office the arguments about Game of the Year have been frequent [...]

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Wed, December 30 2009 » Articles » 8 Comments

Review: Fifa 2010

Game: FIFA 2010 Format: XBOX 360 Developer: EA Sports Publisher: EA Sports   So it’s that time of year again my friends, no I’m not talking about Christmas being nearly on our doorstep like some off his face tramp, I’m talking about football fans go out in their hordes and buy the latest “Fifa” offered by [...]

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Mon, October 19 2009 » Reviews, Xbox 360 » 2 Comments