Review:- Reckless Getaway

Review: Reckless Getaway
Format: Android, iOS
Developer: Polarbit
Publisher: Pixelbite

Robbing banks. It seems like a good idea. We’ve all thought about doing it at one point, it’s just a shame that it happens to be so dang illegal. Thankfully you don’t have to break any laws or use up any precious energy to do so, all you need is your smart phone.

Optimised for use on the Sony Xperia Play, Sony’s gaming phone, we present one of the best ways to live out your bank robbing fantasies, the mobile game Reckless Getaway.

I don’t think I’d be wrong when I say the Xperia Play didn’t do so well on the highly competitive mobile phone market, nor would I be wrong when I say it has completely bombed and then burst into flames, like a building on the receiving end of a B-52.  Thankfully Reckless Getaway has some great on-screen virtual controls making it playable for anyone without an Xperia Play.

There are two modes available to act out your bank robber fantasies, the first being Getaway Mode, where (as expected) you must escape from the relentless and never ending supply of police cars who seemingly couldn’t care less about their cars or anything else around them. They blow up themselves, other motorists and even fellow policeman all in the name of putting an end to your crime spree. Put simply it’s bloody marvelous and pretty challenging trying to escape the fuzz.

Acceleration is automatic of course, you just need to use evasive maneuvers to avoid obstacles while earning as many stars as possible. Stars unlock subsequent levels and are obtained by scoring points. Points are obtained by basically being as dangerous as possible without dying. What the hell, you’ve just robbed a bank, you may as well ignore every rule of the highway code as well. You’ll have to play through each level multiple times before you finally collect all the stars, some of which can be really tricky to get hold of, and with the game being so unpredictable you may even get frustrated attempting it. In that respect the game has a lot of replay value with hours of fun to be had.

The Police act with a complete disregard for the safety of civilians

The second mode is called Wreckless. Here stars are done away with and instead you’ll collate points by destroying as much as possible in a psychotic rampage. The money is no longer your motive to escape, this mode is entirely about the thrill of destroying everything around you. This time you’ll be behind the wheel of an almost indestructible Big Rig, which oddly enough seemed to handle better than the American muscle car you have control over in Getaway mode. Wreckless mode is arguably a lot more fun, at least in regards to its pick up and playability and due to the obvious fact that nothing can stop you.

Scattered about the 20 different and exciting levels are power ups to aid in your escape, speed boosts quickly take your car up to 88mph and into the future… well not really the future, but anything in your way after obtaining the boost will be obliterated. A lot of these speed boosts are conveniently placed near ramps as well, adding to the carnage. Going airborne results in even more points that fill up your star meter. Clearly somewhere along the lines of communication the road workers decided ramps are a much better way of traversing ravines and canyons; for god’s sake even some of the cars have ramps on them.

Jump power ups are also available which, as expected, gives you the ability to jump your car over or on top of traffic, which is especially useful. Power up number three is the force push which sends out a radial blast knocking anything around you away and into certain death, which really comes in handy when those relentless policemen start to box you in. If you do die you’ll suffer a points penalty and even lose an entire star if you manage to blow yourself up.

Wreckless mode is a bit more carefree than Getaway mode

If it wasn’t already obvious, the gameplay is brilliantly fun and simple. It’s a game that works really well on a mobile platform and with the detailed graphics on offer your eyes will be just as delighted as your thumbs. Levels range from city suburbs, countryside lanes, rocky mountains, sunny beaches and even military weapon test areas loaded up with explosives. These levels are all vibrant with colour and full of surprises.

All of this unlawful action is accompanied by some fun sound effects and music (which doesn’t variate much at all but is entertaining nonetheless). Developer Polarbit do some nice work and Reckless Getaway is one of their finest achievements, more unlockable chapters/levels are soon to be released as well as some completely new game modes as well, which hopefully will come in the form of a free update.

Review Round-Up

Graphics: 3/5 – Bright and Brilliant, the visuals in this fun game are some of the best available on a mobile platform. It has plenty of different level styles balled up into one neat little package, and thankfully they all work well.

Sound: 2/5 – The game’s soundtrack is entertaining enough but it doesn’t have enough diversity. You’ll find yourself listening to one track over and over, but the sound effects, the explosions, the sirens, the car crashes, are all great.

Gameplay: 4/5 - Although repetitive the gameplay never gets old. It’s a game that’s easy to pick up and hard to master with some fun power ups and lots of stuff to blow up. It’s like a mix of Need for Speed and Burnout.

Longevity: 4/5 - Levels can be challenging to say the least. It’s hard to obtain that 5 star rating on every level and so you’ll defiantly get your moneys worth with it’s replayability. Multiple Modes and more chapters soon to be released in the form of a free update.

Overall: 3.5 Motorway Pileups out of 5

This is a must have game for anybody interested in taking up a career in bank robbing, or even just your blue collar office workers who fancies some fun in the toilet cubical while on break from robbing the stationary cupboard or photocopying their buttocks.

-Adam Radcliffe

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