Retro Quick Look:- Medievil

Comedy is a very hard thing to achieve in gaming. While there have been countless funny books, films, and TV shows there have only been a scant few genuinely funny games. One game to succeed at making players giggle is Sony Cambridge Studio’s PlayStation adventure game Medievil. Originally released on PS1 back in 1998, Medievil was a shining example of early 3D adventure gaming. The game tells the story of the bumbling hero Sir Daniel Fortesque, the fabled hero of Gallowmere, who, 100 years following his death from an arrow to the eye, is inadvertently resurrected and forced to face off against his nemesis, the evil sorcerer Zarok.

As well as having a brilliant script, Medievil also features superb vocal performances, a wonderful Tim Burton-esque art style and evocative music, making it one of the best games from a Sony studio in the PS1 era.  Join Luke and Adam as they look back at the opening levels, slay a few dozen zombies, and earn themselves a place in the fabled Hall of Heroes.

Medievil is currently available to download from the PlayStation Network and can be played on both PSP and PlayStation 3. PlayStation Vita owners need not fear as a system update is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks that will allow the Vita to play PS1 titles. If you’re looking for an amusing, challenging and enjoyable adventure game then you could do much worse than Medievil.

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