Why I Hate… The End of Mass Effect 3 (SPOILERS)

As with Rax’s fantastic article on why he loves the ending of Mass Effect 3, this piece contains spoilers for not only the end of Mass Effect 3, but also, particularly, for the end of Mass Effect 2. Please don’t continue reading if you are looking forward to discovering either for the first time in [...]

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Tue, March 27 2012 » Why I Hate... » 9 Comments

Why I Hate… Entitled Fans

Cast your mind back, dear reader. It’s 2009. A unknown Swedish developer started development of a block based survival game. The PSPGo launched and no-one bought it. We saw the release of some fantastic games, such as Borderlands, Dragon Age Origins, Assassin’s Creed II, and even Mirror’s Edge. But this article is not about those [...]

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Thu, March 15 2012 » Articles, Why I Hate... » 8 Comments

Why I Hate:- Final Fantasy

Ok so maybe hate is a little strong and to say I loathe the entirety of the franchise couldn’t be further from the truth. This is more of a lamentation for what Final Fantasy has become. Join me then as we discuss the ins and outs of a gaming stalwart now over 20 years old. [...]

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