More Arkham City DLC Coming?

According to an updated trophy listing on Batman Arkham City is due to receive a new downloadable expansion with a sizable chunk of single player content, a la the Catwoman pack, starring Robin in the near future.

What’s most interesting about this trophy listing is that it appears to imply both a single player expansion and a potential new challenge mode for the boy wonder called Harley Quinn’s Revenge (you know, like the Riddler’s Revenge mode in the main game).

Rocksteady and Warner Brothers have not commented on the legitimacy of this trophy listing, however, thanks to the wonders of Twitter, we know that Rocksteady’s Community Manager Sarah Wellock is currently on her way to PAX in Boston. While we are merely speculating at the moment it seems like as good a place as any to make an announcement regarding future DLC plans.

As soon as anything is officially confirmed we’ll be sure to let you know.

Tue, April 3 2012 » Gaming News

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