Microsoft Flight Takes Off Today

Microsoft have sent word that their free to play flight simulator on the PC, Microsoft Flight, is available to download right now from the official Flight website. Additionally they have also confirmed the features that will be available to all players, as well as some downloadable content that will expand the experience for those willing to part with a small amount of cash.

Full details can be found below:

The action begins above the expansive Big Island of Hawaii, which players can explore for free while completing a variety of exciting missions that test their flying skills. In addition to the free content available today, players who sign in to their Games for Windows – LIVE account automatically receive additional free content, including the legendary Boeing Stearman, supplementary missions, and access to Achievements and an Online Pilot Profile. Players can also purchase the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, which unlocks additional planes, challenges and the remaining Hawaiian Islands, available for 1600 Microsoft Points.

After downloading “Microsoft Flight,” players can fly for free in the ICON A5, a high-wing amphibious monoplane with a carbon fiber airframe and a comfortable, automobile-inspired cockpit with space for two. After signing in to Games for Windows – LIVE, additional airplanes are available for purchase as Basic and Deluxe models and may be downloaded individually.

Starting today, players can fly in these planes:

  • Boeing Stearman (Deluxe Model): Accessible for free after signing in to Games for Windows LIVE, the Boeing Stearman is a vintage biplane with an open cockpit, making it a great option for those looking for a thrilling way to sail the skies.
  • North American P-51 Mustang (Basic Model): A historical fighter plane with strong performance characteristics, maneuverability and sharp looks.
  • Maule M-7-260C (Deluxe Model): A rugged utility aircraft that is especially adept at handling take-offs and landings on rough, unprepared surfaces.
  • Vans RV-6A (Deluxe Model): Available as part of the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, the Van RV-6A is a two-seat, single-engine, low-wing homebuilt airplane famous for its speed and maneuverability.

These planes are available as either a basic model, which includes exterior views only, or as Deluxe models that include cockpit and exterior views.

Explore Maui, Kauai and the rest of the islands in the Hawaiian Adventure Pack

Players looking for a deeper experience can purchase the Hawaiian Adventure Pack for 1600 Microsoft Points, which unlocks the remaining Hawaiian Islands and is the first in a series of expansions for “Microsoft Flight.” The entire island chain offers hundreds of miles to explore and includes stunning recreations of landmark features, from the breathtaking Waimea Canyon in Kaua’i to the high-rise hotels of Waikīkī. The content pack includes new challenges, over 20 new missions and a deluxe aircraft, the Vans RV-6A.

This is the first content pack designed for the game and players can expect gameplay to continually evolve with new terrain, aircraft and challenges that can be downloaded via Games for Windows – LIVE.

Wed, February 29 2012 » Gaming News

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