Stunning Battlefield 3 Screenshot

Battlefield 3 Screenshot

Wowsers! OK, you HAVE to click on this to see it full size, breath-taking is not the word...

An amazing screenshot has appeared mysteriously on our news desk and some further investigation it’s source is the much anticipated Battlefield 3.

We implore you to click on the preview above to get a real sense of why were are so impressed. Looks like the Frostbite 2 engine is really starting to push CryEngine 3 for the official title of “Most Awesomest Kewl Graphics Like Eva’!

Exciting times for us all…

Thu, March 3 2011 » Gaming News

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  1. Riley H October 3 2011 @ 5:37 pm

    Nice shot. Now that I’m a few days into the beta, it is quite visually appealing, however, the fact that they are still working out the kinks has left me a little disappointed. That being said i plan on buying it. Sitting in the staffing agency in chicago where i work and the call of BF3 can be heard loud and clear.

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