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The modern trend of releasing high quality titles throughout the calendar year means it’s relatively unheard of for a game released so early in the year to stay in the hearts and minds of the public, let alone the gaming press. Mass Effect 2 is just such an anomaly.

This Xbox exclusive has proven massively popular for both players of the first game and newcomers alike. The graphical fidelity is utterly astounding, couple that with voice acting and scripting of the highest calibre and a truly epic narrative that takes you to the edge of the galaxy and beyond, this really is the complete package.

What we found particularly innovative about Mass Effect 2 was the ability to make the story your own. Players of the first game could import their saved character so that the choices they made in Shepard’s first outing had a direct impact on the happenings of the sequel.

Furthermore, in typical Bioware fashion but astounding nonetheless, players have a number of choices to make throughout the game that affect both the narrative and the way in which non playable characters throughout the Universe interact with you.

The Universe that has been created for Mass Effect 2 really does feel like just that; a living, breathing collection of planets and colonies that urge you to explore. And we’d encourage you to do just that if you haven’t already.

The much rumoured translation of the game to the Playstation 3 has gamers the world over salivating once again, chiefly because not only does the PS3 edition contain all additional content, but it will be running on Mass Effect 3’s engine, thusly you can have a taste of what everyone is eagerly awaiting with the final instalment in the Commander Shepard trilogy.

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