Barry Burton in Resi Evil: Mecenaries 3D

Capcom has confirmed today that Barry Burton, one of the few friendly characters from Resident Evil 1, will be playable in the Nintendo 3DS score based action game Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. The screens, below, also give us a decent idea of the sorts of enemies we will be facing off against in the game, including recognisable monsters from both Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.

This makes the character roster: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Hunk, Krauser, Albert Wesker, and Barry Burton. Surely it is only a matter of time before they announce Leon Kennedy as a playable character. Personally I am still holding out for Tofu

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is due to be released exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in Europe on 1st July. Our full review of the game will be going live shortly there after. In the meantime, why not read our preview of both 3DS Resident Evil games Reisdent Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and Resident Evil: Revelations?

Tue, May 17 2011 » Gaming News

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