’s Comment of the Week – 7th July 2012

We at love to engage with our audience, be it when we’re at a gaming event and one of you approaches us to let us know that you love the site, or when we’re out shopping with our families and have abuse hurled at us because we only gave Uncharted 3 a 4 out 5. With this in mind we have decided to dedicate a little slot to you, our readers, and highlight our… errr… favourite comment from across our many presences on the internet.

In our inaugural edition youtube user SuperMagpie09 earns a special place in our commenting hall of fame – or should that be shame? – for this comment on featuring two of the high profile female fighters in Supremacy MMA. Be warned this comment definitely gets a not safe for work tag.

Thanks SuperMagpie09! Good luck with your conversion to Mormonism and we’ll be sure to pass your comment over to the team.

Be sure to check out the site next Saturday to see the next Comment of the Week.

Sat, July 7 2012 » Gaming News

2 Responses

  1. ClacTom July 8 2012 @ 7:53 pm

    Hahahahahahahaha. This has actually made my weekend. Thanks SuperMagpie09! Nothing like a bit of casual mysogeny to help fill your weekend.

    N.B. Definitely should be shame.

  2. Mightyles July 8 2012 @ 10:01 pm

    I love every single one of our readers / listeners / viewers no matter what crazy shit they say.

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