newbreview – Hibernating For The Winter logoDear readers and listeners,

As you probably have noticed, content for the site has slowly started to reduce. This is because the site is currently undergoing a major redesign, and all our efforts are focused on that. We have some pretty big plans for the future, and are not just overhauling the look of the site, but we’re also assessing how we cover videogames as a whole.

So for now, and probably until well into the New Year, there will be almost very little new content. We will be posting our full Game of the Year articles in a few weeks, and our Podcast will resume with an irregular schedule.

Thank you for your understanding, we hope you will rejoin us soon.


The Staff at

Jose Luis Pérez Zapata (48 Posts)

Jose is a keen long time gamer and particularly loves nothing more than a bafflingly complex strategy game to sink his Iberian teeth into. Alongside writing our more in-depth reviews and constantly moving he also enjoys the widest possible range of games from shooters to dungeon crawlers and beyond. Of late he has also been lighting up the podcast to great effect. Diga me algo amigo!

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