Alien Isolation


Why oh why am I reviewing Alien Isolation? I hate survival horror and I haven’t touched the genre since the original Resident Evil hit PlayStation back in in the mid-90s. I am however a big fan of the Alien movies and the hype train that rumbled along in the build-up to the game’s release had me curious. Would I be able to put aside my natural aversion to the genre or would the inevitable Facehugger jump scares just be too much for me?


Far Cry 4 season pass


With DestinFar Cry 4 Season Passy and DriveClub arriving to the scene with mixed / poor critical reception, a lot of weight falls on the shoulders of Far Cry 4 to proudly carry the banner for AAA titles into this new generation of consoles. With Ubisoft’s title hitting the shelves on November 18th, the publisher have released details of the season pass, which will also be available at launch…