Xi: Continuum announcement trailer

Indie developer today announced the sequel to their 2009 alternate reality game , a game that lasted 12 weeks and crossed over into the real world, with players having to head to online videos, websites and even real life events to succeed. newbreview.com was just in its infancy when the original game ran, however it’s clear from the online reaction and relatively popular Museum within Playstation Home that it was a success.

The teaser today should get those same fans speculating over what’s to come. nDreams’ Patrick O’Luanaigh hinted at a game that will last longer than the finite 12 weeks of the original “ crosses between console, websites, videos and the real world, yet can be played at any time.” Which is an interesting prospect indeed.

Did you play Xi in 2009? Are you excited for Xi: Continuum? Let us know in the comments below.

We’ll keep you posted with any more news on Xi: Continuum as and when we get it. Stay tuned!

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