Army of Four to use Frostbite 2

Army Of Two

But what when two just isn't enough? Well, why not each bring a friend?

Sometimes a news story is doubly worth breaking, but in this case it’s quadruply so, and that is rare my friends!

Not only is the next installment of the superb franchise doubling up to 4-player co-operative chaos (Huzzah!) but we also learn that it’s going to be powered by the oh-so-very-awesome engine behind the incredible Battlefield 3.

As huge fans of co-op this really is a going to be a treat for us!

This catapults the game up our lists to sit alongside Syndicate, Mass Effect 3 and possibly Dragon Age 3 as being 4-player co-op games to get very, very excited about.

Now I just need to actually make 3 friends… better get a move on!

- Richard “” Burley

Richard "Rax" Burley (378 Posts)

I like games, more specifically achievements, I'm like a gaming boy scout... I like my badges. Oh, and I also like; story telling, well realised characters, character progression, complex skill sets, shiny graphics, building things, shooting things, jumping over things, hiding from things, driving things and fighting things. Sometimes I even write about these things, sorry...

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