Quick Look:- Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

The Metal Gear Solid series is well known for its “Tactical Espionage Action” which, roughly translated, means that the game involves a lot of sneaking and shooting. When it was announced that Kojima Productions would be handing over developmental duties for their next Metal Gear game to Platinum Studios, makers of Vanquish and Beyonetta, our interest was immediately piqued.

Starring Metal Gear Solid 2 protagonist Raiden, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a fast paced action packed third person adventure game that will have you hacking and slashing your way through legions of soldiers and mechanical foes. Of course, as Kieran and Adam come to find out in our latest , that doesn’t mean there isn’t any scope for stealthy gameplay…

is due to be released on and PlayStation 3 in the UK on 22nd February. If you’re a European gamer and would like to try the game before you buy it then you can pick up Kojima Production’s Zone of the Enders HD collection, as it will include a demo of the game.

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