Retro Quick Look:- Marvel Super Heroes

While is actually ’s second fighting game featuring the bright and colourful heroes of the Marvel Universe (the first was the brilliant X-Men: Children of the Atom), arguably it is the game that kicked off the entire franchise. Featuring a diverse roster of heroes and villains (hands up anyone that had heard of Shuma Gorath before this game was released!) and loosely tying in with the popular Infinity Gauntlet storyline, Marvel Super Heroes was an incredibly deep fighting game.

As well as featuring your standard special and super moves, battles were spiced up by the inclusion of the Infinity Gems, six stones that had the power over all creation. Defeating enemies would grant you access to a new Infinity Gem, and with it the one time use per battle power upgrade. For instance, activating the Soul Gem would restore health, while using the Time Gem would dramatically increase the player’s speed for a short time.

It was a fun game that started Capcom on the course towards their massively popular Marvel Vs Capcom series, and for that reason it is the subject of this week’s Retro Quick Look .

Marvel Super Heroes was originally released on the Sega and the original Playstation, but it is due to be re-released digitally along with the first Marvel Vs Capcom game as part of Capcom’s Marvel Vs Capcom Origins collection across Europe on PlayStation Network on September 25th for €14.99/£11.99 and on Xbox LIVE Arcade on September 26th for 1200 Microsoft Points. . If you find yourself longing to play this game, have no fear, it’ll be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 very soon.

Tune in the same time next week for another Retro Quick Look video!

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