ActionEArs: Medal of Honor Warfighter Special

A little while ago, friend of, EA Actionman invited our very own down to EA’s HQ to talk to , Executive producer on Medal of Honor, and ‘the man with the pixelated face’ known only as ‘Daniel’. ‘Daniel’ is a former operator and according to Lee from The Game Jar is “quite possibly the scariest man in the world to interview – including anybody from Valve”.

fans may and of and Death by Robots Podcast fame. Also in attendance is EA Actionman himself…

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Tom has been an avid gamer since his parents invested in a Commodore 64 back in the early '90s. Classics such as Goblin 3, Soccer Kid and Lemmings created an addiction from which he will never recover. Tom has been given the opportunity to write for GAME and EA, sometimes even treading foreign shores to bring you gaming words... Oh, and he's an Aquarius.

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