Ubisoft Joins Pay-to-Multiplayer Trend

Ubisoft UPlay

How much do you want second hand ?

today announced the launch of it’s “pay-to-multiplayer” system for second-hand games, coming August 30th, joining the likes of Sony, THQ & EA.

It seems the day of the second-hand game may be entering it’s twilight as more and more publishers shut down equal access for second hand owners.

We’ll certainly miss rooting around in second hand games bins for killer bargains when the last game goes pay-to-play… and with more and more games featuring multiplayer as a key mechanic this seems almost inevitable now… *sniffle*…

- Rax

Richard "Rax" Burley (378 Posts)

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  1. Well Thats Definitely Taking Us One Step Closer Towards A Video Game Market Crash! Its Cool Though…Its Not Like We Are In A Recession Or Anything :p

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