The THQ Auction and What it Means to You

THQSo, ’s sad demise was concluded with the auction of it’s major assets on Wednesday the 23rd of January 2013.

But, we must not sniffle and linger in the shadows of grief, we must move onward and forward, honouring the memory of THQ.

For us average gamers the really interesting aspect here is where our favourite games ended up and what that means for us;

1. Relic (Studio)
Winning bid: $26.6 million – Corporation
Backup bidder: $26.3 million – Zenimax Media

Company of Heroes (Including the forthcoming Company of Heroes 2)
A good fit as Sega already owns the “Total War” series, creating an even bigger RTS powerhouse.

2. (Studio)
Winning bid: $22.3 million – Koch Media GmbH (Deep Silver)
Backup bidder: $5.4 million – Ubisoft
Saints Row

Koch have been responsible for (amongst many others); Dead Island, Risen (1 & 2) and STALKER: Clear Sky, so interesting possibilities here.

3. (IP)
Winning bid: $10.894 million – Take-Two Interactive
Backup bidder: $250,000 Turtle Rock Studios, Inc.
Evolve / Metamorphosis: A forthcoming co-op / multiplayer action game from Turtle Rock (who developed “Left 4 Dead”), powered by CryEngine 3.
Take-Two has published the Grand Theft Auto series, BioShock and The ElderScrolls: Oblivion, so a couple of huge titles there to encourage those looking forward to Evolve.

4. Metro (License)
Winning bid: $5,877,551 – Koch Media GmbH (Deep Silver)
Backup bidder: $5.175 million – Ubisoft
& 2034 (aka the forthcoming “Metro: Last Light“)
As above, Koch have been responsible for a number of great games, the STALKER: Clear Sky connection being perhaps the most interesting in this case.

5. (License)
Winning bid: $3,265,306 – Ubisoft
Backup bidder: N/A
South Park
In Ubisoft you have a nice safe pair of French hands. Fans of South Park rejoice! Your game is safe. Magnifique!

6. THQ Montreal (Studio)
Winning bid: $2.5 million – Ubisoft
Backup bidder: N/A
1666 (A mystery game, possibly set during the Fire of London? Interesting Dishonoured was originally set in this year…)
(Another mystery game… Ubisoft seem set for some fun sorting these two out!)
Wait? Why did Ubisoft pick this particular THQ studio?? Je ne sais pas! ;-)

7. Homefront (IP)
Winning bid: $544,218 – Crytek GmbH
Backup bidder: N/A
Homefront (Including the forthcoming Homefront 2 which Crytek were already developing!)
Crytek are just pretty much straight up awesome so this is certainly WAY the best thing ever to happen to the “Homefront” franchise.

8. Games, with (IP)
Unsold: Staying with THQ for now, although THQ are looking for a buyer.
This looks most likely to go to Platinum Games, makers of; Bayonetta (and the forthcoming Bayonetta 2), Vanquish, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which could be an excellent and exciting fit if this goes ahead…

So how do you feel about this? A mixed bag from our point of view, but with some very exciting link-ups in there to keep us guessing and speculating!

No one could ever accuse the games industry of being boring!!!

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