The Newb Review Episode 26

This week Tom is joined by Alan, Kieran, and the special one, Mr , to discuss all the important topics in gaming.


How do the Newbs react to government budget cuts affecting the games industry?

How does manage to make them all smiley and giggley inside?

How can you win Beta Codes?

Listen to the show to find out…

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Medal of Honour Beta code treasure hunt (part 1 b) BWG8 Have you been to our forum recently?

ClacTom (124 Posts)

Tom has been an avid gamer since his parents invested in a Commodore 64 back in the early '90s. Classics such as Goblin 3, Soccer Kid and Lemmings created an addiction from which he will never recover. Tom has been given the opportunity to write for GAME and , sometimes even treading foreign shores to bring you gaming words... Oh, and he's an Aquarius.

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