The Event: Need For Speed track day

A gloomy morning in October and we’re heading over to Longcross Proving Ground to check out the upcoming from ’s . Travelling down in a clapped out old banger, devoid of MoT, road tax, insurance or class is an entire world away from what awaits us. Three suitably kitted out Lamborghini’s screech around the corner of the track, hot on the trail of Ben Collins, you may know him as the former Stig from BBC’s Top Gear. All I know is that he’s a difficult man to catch when he’s at the wheel of a Boxter S.

Yes that's me in a . Yes I do feel big time.

A few wheel spins (clearly showing off, I’m not impressed) and Ben skids round next to the parked up Gallardo’s and Mercierlago, as Roll Deep Crew, the well known boy band that will “proper merk u blud, ya get me”, trussed up to the nines in flak jackets and Sea Crest County attire, stage an arrest on ol’ Stiggy.

Off the track things are hotting up in the gaming tent. Whilst Ben and his fellow racers can really put the super cars through their paces, it takes a lead developer from Criterion to show us how it’s done in-game.

A respectable time I thought... I thought wrong.

The challenge of the day was a time trial at Vanishing Point in a Paggoni Zonda, one of the best cars featured in the game. Sitting next to the time trial pod lies a brand new Xbox 360S, and to the racer setting the fastest time on the track go the spoils.

With less than three weeks to go before Hot Pursuit hits the stores, check out our in-depth preview and a recent preview from Gamescom for the run down. Also have a look at the pics below if you’re wondering what I look like just after I’ve crapped my pants at 200mph.

AlLSO click the videos below to see exclusive footage from the event including appearances by Roll Deep and Ben Collins aKa the guy who used to be The Stig


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