Techpocalypse Details and Trailer

Have you ever imagined what you’d do if civilization ended tomorrow?  Where you’d go, how you’d eat, whom you’d trust? So have we!  Ever planned which abandoned retail shops you’d – ahem – scavenge if you had to? Us too!  Ever ranked your neighbors in terms of edibility? Really? Wow.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions then you may be interested in , a new survival game from (whose Design Director, Devin Low, previously acted as Head Developer of Magic: The Gathering), a plucky, six-person independent game studio in Seattle. When asked about their new game Devin had this to say:-

Techpocalypse is something new: a cooperative survival strategy game set in the real world.  It’s like the love child of Civilization and Left 4 Dead – an unusual combination! Techpocalypse uses open street map data to translate any real-world location into a post-apocalyptic version of itself, overrun by machines.  Wherever there’s a hardware store in real life, you’ll find a hardware store at that location in the game, where you can scavenge for nail guns and power drills. Need antibiotics in the game? Just go to where any pharmacy is in real life.

Check out the official trailer below.

If this looks like the sort of game you’d be interested in playing then why not head over to Anomaly Labs’ Kickstarter page and donate a few cents?

In the meantime we’ll be sure to provide further updates in the near future as and when we get them.

Stay tuned to for more details soon!

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