Syndicate All-Star Voice Cast Revealed

Syndicate 2012 Voice Cast

Well trained, well armed and now well voiced to boot!

are developing quite the reputation for pulling out the big guns for voicing duties on their games.

The latest title to feature this oral dedication is Starbreeze’s new reboot.

Skipping straight over the C-list celeb ranks we can look forward to the dulcet tones of not only Rosario Dawson (Grindhouse & Sin City) and Michael Wincott (The Crow, Halo 2 & Darksiders 2) but perhaps most excitingly the legend that is Brian “I’ll get you Bourne! Oh and Wolverine!” Cox. Getting someone like Sir Brian of Cox is quite the coup, the man has bullet-proof credentials across multiple genres in addition to major voicing credits for all 3 installments of the Killzone series as the less than helpful Scolar Visari.

This sort of news continues to build expectation for what is looking more and more like a crackerjack of a game…

- Richard “” Burley

Richard "Rax" Burley (378 Posts)

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  1. NO offers to use my voice? game sucks.

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