Rezzed 2012 Round Up:- Drunken Robot Pornography and qrth-phyl

Continuing from the first part of our write up from this year’s show in Brighton, the team continues to highlight some of the more interesting lesser-known games that they found on the show floor.Yesterday Tom and Sam highlighted real time strategy game End of Nations and the thrilling spy game Gunpoint, while today we look at something completely different…

With the title gives away more about its designers than it does about the game, it should come as no surprise that Drunken Robot Pornography is from . These are the same twisted genii behind the rather excellent AaaaaAAaaaAAA!! series of games, and the fun sense of movement has been retained here.

Spawning into a brightly coloured arena the player is tasked with collecting three arbitrary collectibles in the form of cocktails from high up ledges. Doing so requires use of a jetpack with a limited, but regenerating, fuel supply quite pleasantly bound to the left trigger of the xbox controller that are all the rage in game demos these days (…?). Attaining your Manhattan shaped MacGuffins starts the game spawning Titans: massive silver robots that spew laser death in the general direction of the player. Removing the robots appendages with your own weaponry eventually allows you destroy the core, creating points bestowing cogs and another Titan to test your might.

The challenge in Drunken Robot Pornography ramps up as the arena fills with targets

The challenge comes further up the rankings, where larger titans with more varied weaponry begin to fill the map with deadly glowing projectiles in a manner more akin to side scrolling rather than first person shooters. Carefully boosting between spinning pink lines while evading homing blue orbs and training fire onto a Titan’s weak spots requires a level of skill and deft spatial awareness not utilised since Dejobaan’s last game. Easy to pick up and play, the game is going to come equipped with a Titan designer when it is released, allowing players to unleash robotic horror on one another. No news on whether you will allowed to team up to bring your creations down but we will wait and see.

Drunken Robot Pornography is due for release later this year.

It would be fairly easy to dismiss as 3d Snake and leaving it like that but it would miss the point. Looking like someone decided that the snake enemies in Introversion’s Darwinia didn’t get enough limelight, qrth-phyl has players navigating a snake around the game space in search of the food / bits/ doodads it need to grow in length and progress through the levels. From there however the game is split in two, ‘outside’ and ‘inside’.

On the outside, players navigate in two dimensions across the surface of a box or plane. Reaching the edge of the space flips the world over and your snake continues its travels on the opposite side. Eating enough bits opens a gap in one side and navigating to it takes the snake inside.

There is more to qrth-phyl than “Snake… but in 3D”

Once inside your aim is the same, but instead of being stuck to the planes of the walls you are able to free float, the camera now moving to be over the shoulder (or front vertebrae) of you snake and allowing for aeroplane style freedom of movement. It was these sections that were found most enjoyable, with a gloriously tight turning circle allowing the player the opportunity to truly hunt the hardest to get at bits and twist in an out of your own tail with ease. Mines that create three axis lines of death complicate levels and walls that start to move or disappear have to be factored in to player’s route selection. Playing through a couple of times revealed that the game changes depending on how well you are doing.

Despite a name that seems designed to force you to write it down rather than relying on Google it would be well worth keeping an eye on qrth-phyl and hermit games output in general.


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