Quick Look:- Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ahead of Future Soldier’s UK launch newbreview.com’s and got together to record a short looking at some of the key gameplay elements in the game.

Anyone that has read our full review will know that we think the game is fantastic, but there are some out there that have criticised what they have seen of the game because they feel that it is too action oriented, with little or no skill required.

With this is mind we felt we could allay those concerns by showing some of the stealth and tactical options that are open to players to use as they see fit.

And for those that aren’t at all bothered with stealthy gameplay we’re also showing off some of the intense action that can be found in both the main story mode and the wave-based survival Guerrilla mode.

on and PlayStation 3 will be on UK shop shelves from Friday 25th May, with a version due to be released on 15th June.

We are currently running a competition where one lucky reader can win a Ghost Recon Future Soldier poster that has been signed by all of the key development team members. As an added bonus this poster was used by the team on a firing range, and has a few bullet holes in it, making it a neat exclusive collectable. More details on how you can win it can be found here:


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