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The Medal of Honor reboot has been a hot topic of late. Whilst you’re not going to get a comment on the controversy in this article, stay tuned to The Newb Review for an exclusive interview with Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer for Medal of Honor, in the coming weeks. in the meantime took a behind closed doors look at and early mission from the Medal of Honor single player campaign. Let’s see how he got on…

“It’s not about the metal, it’s about the man”, Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer on Medal of Honor. It’s clear that Danger Close ( LA), single player developer for the game, are heading for a more realistic experience with their upcoming reboot to a much loved franchise.

The I was shown at comprised of a kind of scouting mission; two Apache gunships are surveying the Afghani mountains for hostiles, and predictably, it isn’t long before they find some. Having played FPSs in the past, there are a number of features present in that have become standard. The ability to call up your objectives by pressing up on the D-pad, zooming in down the gun sights slightly by using L1 and having your guns overheat if fired for lengthy periods of time are all features that purvey realism, even if we are familiar with them.

screenshot of MOH

The brand new reboot sees you take to the skies

However, this endeavour for realism carries through into the very nature of the gameplay; the Apache gunners have to wait to confirm with HQ that there are indeed hostiles present before engaging. Whilst this is a small aspect of the narrative, it is something that hasn’t really been seen in FPSs of late.

Another impressive way in which they’ve brought this realism into the game is by having actual army pilots script the dialogue in this mission. Whilst not everyone will notice this, it’s the attention to detail that is most impressive about the part of the game I was shown.

The Apache gunships have three different weapons in their arsenal. The 30mm gun is a particularly devastating, if a little inaccurate gattling gun that tears through enemies with ease. Aiming is made even more difficult by the frequent banking the helicopter does to avoid return fire.

screenshot of MOH

Shooting from a helicopter whilst it dodges rockets fired from one of these bad boys is quite tricky

Hellfire missiles are also at your disposal. These small missiles have a larger impact than the 30mm, so I found them a lot easier to use as the helicopter shifted at speed. The final weapon on the Apaches is the Hydra rockets. These missiles can be locked onto targets to devastating effect; strategically blowing up installations such as mortar pits.

One thing I only noticed after playing for some time was the use of the soundtrack throughout the mission. The fact that it wasn’t immediately apparent shows the immersion of the gameplay as well as the unobtrusive use of additional music. Whilst this music wasn’t the Linkin Park track from the trailer, it certainly sounded similar to their style, which is another nice touch.

picture of Linkin Park

No music from Linkin Park in the in-game soundtrack i'm afraid..

One thing that was peculiar about this preview was that there was a notable absence of any ground missions. Whilst I’m sure these will be shown pre-release, I for one left the MoH booth wanting more. With the release set for October 15th, it looks like I won’t have to wait too long.

- Tom Wallis

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