NEWB Dating has a lot to offer for people who wants to get dating tips and advice from our experts. With our help, you will never mess up even on first dates. You can get all the things you need to know about dating and relationships. Check out the packages that NEWB Dating can provide you.

Package #1


You are entitled to get three one on one session with a dating coach as well group forums that are held once a month.

Package #2

$59.99 for three months

Save a month of subscription if you will sign up for our three-month plan while getting all the amenities of dating tips and advises.

Package #3

$89.99 for six months

Among all the packages you can get from NEWB Dating, package #3 is the most popular. You can save a lot of money while enjoying all the sessions to make yourself a better date that anyone won’t be able to resist. Aside from all the sessions and discounts you can get, you are also entitled to get free passes at no additional cost for the events that we host for all our members.

If you have questions regarding the packages, just send us an email at We’ll answer all your inquiries right away.