Podcast Episode 63: Something a lil different..

Both Tom and Kieran are away meaning that Jose and special guest host (and fellow editor) have stepped in. As ever they are of course joined by the forever idiotic, .

New host, new podcaster, slightly longer show, new segments and quite a bit of intelligent games debate this week. ALL CHANGE.

Don’t worry though, Adam’s back with another incoherent thought to balance things out.

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Kieran Roycroft (241 Posts)

Writing, editing, guesting and producing the podcast, there's not a single pie that Kieran hasn't got his finger in, maybe that's why he's a little bit tubby? And if he isn't busy with all of that, he still finds time to actually play some games! As a child of the NES/SNES era, Kieran holds a special place in his heart for many of it's classic titles, joining modern mammoths; Gears of War 2 and Vanquish in his list of best games EVER.

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