Newb Review Minis Episode 1 (Fingerzilla, Monkey Island 2 and Cube Maze)

Has living in this modern society left you with little or no time to read in-depth reviews? Do you only bother sitting down to read what a spotty reviewer has to say when the game is of epic proportions? If this sounds like you then do not fear, as The Newb mini reviews have arrived.

From today, each week, we will bust out byte sized reviews that will give you the 90210 on the latest games, mainly the ones that you, the consumer, can afford.  £5.99 on a game that doesn’t overstretch your brain, but overstretches your thumb to give you strain, no thank you. We will be focusing on the 59p wonders and the games they are literally giving away (ya’know, the FREE ones) and also letting you know which ones are hot via our Twitter stream. So without further ado, let’s get on with the mini reviews…


Price: FREE

Fingerzilla is a digital re-imagining of your childhood game of squashing ants with your finger moved to the more humane era (kinda). Basic premise is to cause destruction by rapidly hitting buildings, vehicles and people with your finger to score destruction points. Graphics are solid and cartoony but the premise does wear thin rather fast. So for a quick fix this game is ideal, but so not expect a genre bending experience. So, do you want this game in your life? It depends on your answer to this question. Did you wish you were the monster in Cloverfield?

screenshot of Fingerzilla

Fingerzilla... great for wannabe monsters


Price: 59p

What’s this Adam, you said you would not review expensive games. Well Mr Stephen Hawking, riddle me this; what do you call a game that is cheaper than its usual price. That’s right, a fucking bargain. For 59p, you can currently get Monkey Island 2 in your life. Adventuring with (not a channel 5 show I assure you) has come to the in all its dazzling glory with fantastic dialogue and brutally lateral puzzles. If you enjoyed playing this game back in its hey day like Tim Schaffer did (read his latest tweets) then you will be overjoyed to hear it’s just as good. The only down side is that the cursor is now your finger and it can be off sometimes, which can be frustrating. Overall, a fantastic port to and if still at 59p, then well worth the purchase.

screenshot of Monkey Island 2

Now you can be a pirate on the go


Price: FREE

Rolling a ball around a maze, heard it before right. Well yeah, you are right, but not in this instance. Cube maze uses the accelerometer in two ways. It detects where you are rolling the ball but more importantly it detects gravity. These 3d puzzles allow you to spin the cube in which you are battling to escape from. A quick pinch of the screen and you can twist the maze to your advantage, so that ceiling becomes floor. As a freebie, there is plenty to keep you occupied, however if you want more then you do have to download external level packs, but then that is only if you choose to. A great spin on the ‘escape ball from maze’ genre/sub-genre/invented genre.

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