N7 Day – Celebrating Mass Effect

November the 7th will, henceforth, be known as “ Day”.

N7 Day

And to commemorate this most auspicious of occasions we are delighted to offer every single gamer out there the opportunity to take part in our community .



You can however check out our winners right here!


But why should you take part?

Well, firstly, the epic franchise richly deserves to be celebrated. Certainly one of the most popular game franchises of modern times, on any gaming platform, it has entered popular culture and simply become one of those games that everyone plays, and loves.

Secondly, the galaxy needs you.

Oh and thirdly, our N7 Section Chief (the infinitely generous Community Guru; Mr Tully Ackland) has provided us with a frighteningly awesomesauce (*sic) array of top quality N7 themed prizes to reward you for your efforts! Including (*takes deep breath*); a Normandy C.I.C. Messenger Bag, an N7 Tech Jacket, an N7 Baseball Cap, an N7 Logo Black Tee, an N7 Coffee Mug, a ME3 2013 Wall Calendar and some cool N7 Stickers! (*gasp*) (Click on any of the images below for a larger version to enable you to examine the prize in more detail!!)

N7 Day Prize Mug

N7 Mug

N7 Day Prize Tee

N7 Tee

N7 Day Prize Cap

N7 Cap

N7 Day Tech Jacket

N7 Tech Jacket

N7 Day Prize CIC Messenger Bag

N7 Messenger Bag





Recovered from incredible quality of the amazeballs prizes yet?

Well, if you have you’re probably wondering how to be in with a chance to grab such sickeningly cool prizes. So let’s get straight down to mission objectives;

There’s an inter-galactic war on and goods are in short supply, because of this all prizes will be allocated by the only fair means; a lottery. Entry into this lottery will be strictly by “N7 requisition order”.

Every individual has a chance to gain up to 7 requisition orders by completing .com N7 objectives. There are 7 such objectives. So, just like a platinum challenge, you could win it all, if you complete all 7 objectives, or you could come away with one, two, three, four, five or six of the prizes, or, of course, none… even if you complete all 7 missions. It’s so exciting!

So what are the objectives?

OBJECTIVE 1: Comment this post with your favourite Mass Effect memory / experience.

OBJECTIVE 2: Follow and tweet us @newbreview with your favourite Mass Effect character name & why you love them (include the #N7Day tag to qualify for this requisition order)

OBJECTIVE 3: Post your favourite Mass Effect class and class game play tip on our Facebook wall.

OBJECTIVE 4: Comment on this video responding to Adam’s take on the ending of Mass Effect 3 (Original and / or Extended Cut).

OBJECTIVE 5: Comment on this post on Raptr with the reason why you would make an ideal N7 operative.

OBJECTIVE 6: Comment on our Mass Effect 4 Sequel Speculation post with what you’d like to see from any potential Mass Effect sequel.

OBJECTIVE 7: Finally, thank @TullyAckland for enabling this competition by tweeting him what you’re doing for N7 Day. (include #N7Day & @newbreview tags to qualify for this requisition order!).

For each of these objectives you complete you will receive one entry into our prize requisition lottery.

This competition will close at 21:07 GMT on November 7th and we will be announcing the winners 1 hour later via the site / Facebook / Twitter at 22:07 GMT.

Good luck everyone!

COMPULSORY SMALL PRINT (Except it’s not very small)

For full Ts & Cs click here. Competition closes Wednesday 7th November at 21:07 GMT. The winners will be chosen at random from all entries and contacted via their method of entry (so please use a real email address if commenting on the site). Failure to respond with a UK postal address within 48hrs will mean the prize will be redistributed.

Richard "Rax" Burley (378 Posts)

I like games, more specifically achievements, I'm like a gaming boy scout... I like my badges. Oh, and I also like; story telling, well realised characters, character progression, complex skill sets, shiny graphics, building things, shooting things, jumping over things, hiding from things, driving things and fighting things. Sometimes I even write about these things, sorry...


  1. Thanks all, this competition is now closed!

  2. Thanks alot for this competition. As there are alot of awesome unforgetable moments in this series. One of my favorite memories is when Thane comes to fight Kei-Leing. In this scene it really shows what this game is truly about. Honor, Loyalty, Friendship!!! “We fight or we die”

  3. Thanks alot a for having the competition. My favorite part of the series is in mass effect 3 when Thane comes and show his true friendship to shepard and fights against Kei-Leing. In that one scene it shows just what this game is really about. Honor, Loyalty, Friendship. “We fight or we die”

  4. One of My favorite moments was finally getting Miranda to surrender to my irresistible charm and bedside manner lol, sorry I am male after all!

  5. It has to be the Mordin part in ME3…Until The Walking Dead games came along I have not had a more emotional time whilst playing a game. He knew what he was going to do and what would happen to him but he did it anyway. #thankyoumordin

  6. My favourite mass effect moment is probably when Kaidan and I got back together in ME3. I know lame right but I was so upset when you meet up on Horizon in ME2 and you break up. I was quite happy to have him back in 3. This was my happiest moment. The most influencal was probably Mordin’s death in 3. I wasn’t his biggest fan and that event really swayed me. My most memorable/emotional was probably Thane’s death. I am a huge fan of his and his sacrifice was heart renching.

  7. The end of Me3 where he’s saying his goodbyes to everyone.Great heart touching moment cause you KNEW what was gonna happen to Sheperd next!

  8. My Favorite moment thats hard, but Ill go through each game, Mass Effect 1 my favorite moment was seeing Saren for the first time, the music played and you knew he was not someone to be messed with, Mass Effect 2 the opening sequence, the epicness of the collectors attack on the normandy destroying it, killing several characters including sheppard did not see that coming at all, and Mass Effect 3 two come to mind the death of Mordin, showed how great of a character Mordin was and Legion sacrificing himself to unite the geth and quarian

  9. #n7 day. My most memorable mass effect memory was romancing Liara. She is one of the most fun people in the games. I just love her personality. It would be further amazing if there was a shower scene with shepard and Liara.

  10. #n7 day. My most memorable mass effect memory was romancing Liara. She is one of the most fun people in the games. I just love her personality.

  11. Heather Taylor-Stanley

    Favourite mass effect moment is definitely headbutting the Krogan! It was so unexpected that I had to pause the game for 10 minutes until I could stop chuckling. And the Shepard just massages her neck as if its a completely normal reaction!

  12. Theres only one moment for me: the moment when my Sheperd hooked up with Tali’Zorah nar Rayya. There was nothing more that mattered to me. Sure the safety of the galaxy was “priority” but getting with Tali was not certain Like the end of the game was. Every since Mass Effect I had this obsession with her. Something about her voice and the way she moved. I could only imagine what I would do if I met her voice actress.

  13. I love that N7 jacket and messenger bag. Must haz!

  14. Way too many favorite moments,Ive wracked my brain coming up with one where I literally cheered out loud in my room.And that was the beginning of Mass Effect 3,reuniting with Liara.I missed her in ME2 (LotSB was too short) so when I saw her dominate those two Cerb Troopers on Mars I really did shout “YES!!LIARA!!” and grin like a giggly schoolboy.
    On a side note,my neighbours think I’m an idiot.

  15. Having sex with Miranda has to be the best memory in Mass Effect that I can remeber

  16. Having sex with Miranda has to be the best memory xD

  17. I can’t enter obviously but I wanted to share my favourite moment anyway. It has to be for me the ending of the DLC for ME2 that leads in number 3. The choice of destroying an entire planet’s inhabitants to the delay the Reapers or not was a gut wrenching decision. Such drama. Love it. BTW for anyone interested, I made the hard decision and destroyed the plant. Urghhh.

  18. My favourite scene is definitely the aftermath of the Grunt mission in ME3. I never broke through-out the game but when I thought he died I was in shock, when he suddenly comes out of cave I literally throw controller across room and cheered.

  19. My favorite Mass Effect moment has to be when Mordin sacrifices himself to cure the genophage. I admit I literally cried when that happened. Someone else might’ve gotten it wrong Mordin, thanks buddy. R.I.P.

  20. shep being rebuilt : )

  21. My favorite Mass Effwct memory would have to be when the Normndy takes off from that planet in the EC.

    I screamed like a little girl out of pure happiness.

  22. So many to chose from. Everyone has listed fantastic moments. For me, the opening sequence of ME2 was my favorite. The Normandy, MY Normandy, is being torn to shreds. My crew is dying, and I force Joker to abandon the ship. I manage to escape to space, EPIC action moment! Then, I see it. There’s a leak in my suit. Shepard enters her death throes, and then stops.

    I showed this to my friend who hasn’t played the first ME, and even he was left wide eyed in wonder. It rarely makes sense to have a character be weak in a sequel when they were are a badass by the end of the first game. But, KILLING the protagonist? Yeah. That seems fair.

  23. My Favorite experiance was the excitement of the opening scene of ME2 then the sheer horror of when shepard got killed.

  24. My favorite moment/memory…

    In number two, right when you cross over the the omega-4 relay. I lost thane, jack, and legion before the suicide mission even started! I didn’t think I needed to upgrade anything on the ship. Just the feeling of “Wow, I really screwed up by not doing that.” Then having to decide who does what, effectively sending their people to their deaths? I truly felt like my choices had an impact on how the game was playing out.

  25. The ending of the Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2), the music, Harbi’s monologue and escape was amazing.

    By far, this is my most favorite moment.

  26. My favorite Mass Effect moment? Still the one that gets me every time, right at the beginning of Mass Effect 2, when the old Normandy gets shot out of space.

  27. At the end of the first game. After the rubble of Sovereign has hit the tower and everyone thinks Shepard is dead… The rising music as Kaidan and Anderson look back and there she is, climbing over the debris, broken arm hanging limply at her side. The badass smirk as she heads towards them and then the screen fades to black. Epic.

    It gave me goosebumps the first time and still does to this day. Having romanced Kaidan along as a squadmate made it even better, for me, as I got to see first the thought that she was dead and then the realisation that she wasn’t. Extremely touching, powerful scene.

    (I can’t leave without giving a nod to the renegade interrupts in ME2, however, and my favourite: kicking that dumb merc out the window.)

  28. By far – the ending of the first game. Having to choose to save the council or not presented me with an ethical decision that, at the time, I’d never experienced in gaming. I was much younger then as well, so that played into how monumental the decision seemed. However, playing through the next two games and being reminded by countless people about how I failed to save the council was a reminder to me that decisions have a greater impact than I could ever fully realize. It was a decision made as a teenage boy, yet only gained gravitas as I became a man.

  29. My favourite moment is in the original Mass Effect, you’ve just become a specter and been given the Normandy to command. You step up to the galaxy map for the first time and have the freedom to do anything. It was both exciting and scary at the same time.

  30. The original Mass Effect, you’ve just become a specter and been given the Normandy. You step up to the galaxy map and have the freedom to do anything. It was both exciting and scary at the same time.

  31. My favourite Mass Effect moment is when the fleets arrive at Earth in Mass Effect 3, with the Normandy leading the charge. The Re-introduction of the original Mass Effect theme at the point makes the scene a standout moment for me.

  32. The first playthrough, the first firefight. The moment I realized Mass Effect isn’t like other games.

  33. My favorite Mass Effect moment is Drunk Tali. Absolutely pissed myself laughing. Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt6mG9VeeI0&feature=related

  34. My favourite Mass Effect experience was looking after my extensive collection of beautiful tropical fish… great way to wind down during missions! Who knew? ;-)

  35. There are way too many moments to choose, from Virmire to holding the council’s fate in your hands, recruiting all your squad mates, meeting Legion, the suicide mission, but I think one scene that will stay with me for a very long time is when annoying Kai Leng screws everything up on Thessia and you walk out and witness the Reapers descending and taking over Thessia… that was a moment that gave me chills. And plenty of motivation for going Renegade on Kai Leng later.

  36. My favourite Mass Effect moment has to be composing my team for the finale of Mass Effect 2 and then seeing the mission play out with the decisions I’d made… what an awesome mechanic and so well realised. Had I chosen the right characters? What was going to happen? ;-)

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