LoveFilm 30 Day free trial + £10 voucher

We have teamed up with the good people at .com to bring you a fantastic offer which will help you keep up to date with the latest games, dvds and blu-rays. Simply sign up for a free 30 day through one of our dedicated links and you will recieve a £10 for . Not bad huh?

You can cancel the trial or full service at any point, there are no contracts involved. Simply pick the plan that’s best for you and away you go. This is a service that I personally use and recommend. I have the Unlimited Games / DVDs and Blu-Rays plan which lets me have as many as I like in any month, but also gives me access to thousands of films to watch online for free. I just caught the gaming classic “King of Kong” thanks to Lovefilm. You can games for a whole host of platforms:

There are plenty of options on packages as well. There are Pay as You go options if you don’t want to sign up for a regular fee or smaller packages from just a couple of quid a month.  I strongly recommend you give this free trial a go. If you decide the service isn’t for you, just cancel before your 30 days are up.

This offer is only valid for one week from 26th July – 1st August so be quick. To qualify you must register through one of the links or banners on this site AND then enter the code LFAWARGOS when prompted

Sign up:

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  1. I’ve done the trial and cancelled once before. As long as you send the DVDs back and cancel about 4 days or so before the end of the free trial period, everything will be fine.

  2. I just recently signed up to lovefilm with a promotion. I was tricked in many ways just to sign up. First of all I didnt get any promotion as stated. Then they charged my credit card even before I had the chance to check the offer properly, because at the store they said thate I just need to leave my details and they will send the promotion to my email so I can check out if I like it. Also they promised that lovefilm strams on iPad, but it didnt, so I dont have any use of it.

    The customer service said that no refund is possible and ignored everything I said.

    lovefilm is a scam and I suggest you dont use this service.

    • Hey Andris, thanks for your comments. I have to say I disagree. Personally I would never promote something I wasn’t completely happy with myself. I signed up about 3-4 months ago. I got a 14 day free trial, which was fine and I wasn’t charged until the trial period ended – which I was fully aware would happen. You could have cancelled at any time before your trial period ended without charge as far as I’m aware. Like I said, I’ve had the service for 3-4 months now and the only issue I experience was that it took about 4 days for them to send me a spare envelope (when I threw one away) but having said that I could have put the discs in my own envelope and still used the freepost address. Thanks for your comments though

  3. im signing up, but they wont give me a free trail, as i have had one before.

  4. I already have Lovefilm. My Lovefilm advice:

    Make sure you make multiple lists! Don’t just stick all of your movies and games under 1 list. There is an option next to the title of your list of wanted movies called “Add/edit lists>>”.

    Use this to make at least 3 lists. My lists are “films”, “games” and “most wanted”. Make sure you also set it to send you one disc from each list by dragging the DVD icon to the lists when editing.

    If you put all of your things in one list, they won’t often send you the most popular titles, because they’ll just pick something that they have more of in stock. With a “most wanted” list, with only your most high priority films/games in, they’ll have to send you at least one of those.

    This method has made a massive difference for me and I’m enjoying the service much more now.

  5. I signed up this morning, looking forward to trying the service out.

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