Get your voice in to Square Enix’s Gun Loco

is offering you the chance of a lifetime with their GUN LOCO music contest, make sure to check out the official site today from 5pm at Simply visit the site, sing the lyrics, and upload your video for a chance to have your vocals featured in the European level. As if that wasn’t enough for you the winner will also win:

·         Win a trip to London to a professional recording studio to record the song
·         Win an Xbox360® video game and entertainment system
·         Win copy of the game signed by the development team in
·         Win an Xbox LIVE® 12 month Gold Membership

The contest ends on the 25th October 2010 so make it snappy as opportunities like these don’t happen very often!

screenshot of Gun Loco

Fancy having your voice become part of the soundtrack to the madness that is... Gun Loco?

Be quick, becuase you’ll face stiff competition from our very own Adam Radcliffe, who is bound to on this like a fatman on cake.

From the official Gun Loco site “GUN LOCO is a character-driven, blood-fueled race for survival and freedom. Set on an abandoned prison planet, a collection of the craziest criminals in the system are left to their own devices to shoot their way to survival and find a way to escape the planet Featuring a completely unique style, “Sprint-Action-shooter” gameplay and frantic Multiplayer mayhem, players will experience a taste of the mad, bad world of GUN LOCO !”

screenshot of Gun Loco

Gun Loco looks set to feature some "interesting" characters

For more on Gun Loco stay tuned to The Newb Review.

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