3 Ways To Make Your First Date A Blast

First dates are always nerve-wracking. You don’t know what to expect, and that will make you anxious with every move you make. Calm down because it’s not just you. You and your date are surely feeling the same way. Both of you have no ideas of what your likes and dislikes. Let me give you some tips though on how you can make the first date a blast. You see, a first date doesn’t always have to end in a disaster. Check out how.

1. Choose the right place


As much as possible you want to avoid restaurants or coffee shops for the first date. It’s not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just that you want to avoid the interview ambiance. Sitting face to face with each other makes things a little awkward. Find a perfect spot where there’s a common ground. A place where both of you can talk and walk. You’ll be surprised how both of you will feel comfortable.

2. Express your feeling


Loosen up. I know all of you must have heard this a million times, but you got to be yourself. Try to talk naturally, and everything else will follow. If your date can sense that you are starting to feel comfortable, it will be easier for your partner to loosen up as well. I know you are nervous, but you don’t have to be uptight. The faster you are comfortable, the better.

3. Live in the moment


When you have your first date, thinking about things like if there would still be next time is something that you can’t avoid. It’s normal, but you have to get rid of the thought. You have to make sure that you will just enjoy what you have right at that moment to avoid screwing things up.

Nobody says first dates are easy. You just have to learn that being natural and comfortable is the best way to make the first date a very remarkable time to remember.