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CAP 113 – Ken’s Audio Rage

The audio level floats all over the place in this episode. Now that we know the quirks of the latest Skype update, this shouldn’t happen again. Friend of the show Ginyu joins us this week with a trip down PC classics lane. While Steven and Jason experience Ken’s Rage with the Fist of the North Star demo. They also pay a visit to the Forsaken Kingdom demo and Jason finishes .

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[H:MM:SS] – Show Time Line
Opening Song (Overture – Halo: Reach OST)

[0:00:53] – Introductions

[0:04:32] – Ginyu’s Now Playing

[0:14:44] – Jason’s Now Playing

[0:47:13] – Steven’s Now Playing

[1:05:35] – News

[1:52:58] – November Coming Soon

[2:10:22] – Wrap Up

[2:14:43] – End

Steve Garrett (9 Posts)

Steve is the founder of newbreview.com, having cut his teeth writing about trading-card games, he started a project designed to showcase the talents of budding young writers. (Plus he wanted to get a shed load of PS3 games for free.) And lo, newbreview.com was born. What time he gets to play games is often spent shooting himself in the foot on the latest Battlefield release.


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