The Top 3 Biggest Fears Of Men During First Dates

For a woman, first dates are stressful. You need to think what you’ll wear or what you’ll say in front of him. You are afraid that you might mess things up on the first date. Relax. It’s not just you. Men also have their burden of worries whenever they are on their first date. Check out the biggest fears of men during a date with a woman he is interested in for the first time.

1. You are different from what he is expecting


Both of you have your expectations to each other before the date. Most of the time, the expectations are not met because both of you are not being yourself. You don’t act natural and comfortable with each other, and you end up blowing the whole thing off. Just be you nothing else.

2. You might be interested in others as well


It’s not a comfortable feeling most especially if you are in a crowd and your date seems to be paying attention to the surroundings. The best remedy to this is for a woman to keep eye contact as much as possible. Also, pay attention to what he says and compliment it by saying something good.

3. He fears that he is too touchy

First dates are not the only hard things for men. You wouldn’t be able to imagine what’s going through their head if you look so hot and wants to kiss you badly while the another part of his brain is having a dilemma if it’s too soon and you might freak out. The solution is easy if you also feel the same way and you can sense the mixed emotions he’s going through, be the one to make the first move and kiss the guy already.

You have to understand that men are also going through the same process of nervousness and fears when having a first date. The best thing that can be done is for you just to go with the flow and let things go their way.