The 4 Things Men Look For In Women That Makes Them Hooked

More often than not, guys we admire are interested in others. With that thought, we are left thinking what he is looking for in a woman that he can’t see in you. It’s a million dollar question that nobody can answer straight to the point. However, here are the top things that men look for in women generally that can instantly hook them up on their feet.

1. Playful


Men want free spirited women who are not afraid to show who they are. From the first point of contact, women seem to be doing all sorts of things to get to a man’s heart. Little did they know that the best way to do that is if they let go of all their inhibitions. A man would love his girl to be able to jive with him with sports and other interest he has.

2. Independent


Enough thinking that men are the Alpha so they are always looking for women whom they can control. Those days are way beyond in the past. A man wants someone who is independent enough to make her decisions and does not just rely on a man to live.

3. Emotional Maturity


In a cowboy dating relationship, there are instances that we tend to discover a lot of flaws about our partner. What men want is for their women to be able to handle things in a mature way. They are looking for someone who will talk things out in a diplomatic way instead of nagging about it.

4. Attraction


Among all the things stated above, attraction is not something that can be fixed or has a remedy. The attraction between two people just happens unexpectedly. However, attraction can fade. To make sure it will not occur, don’t forget the things that make the two of you extremely attracted to each other. Don’t forget to kiss, cuddle and flirt with one another.

Follow these four tips, and before you know it, your man is already trying to tie the knot.