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PS3 £8.50 Ask either Braindead_hero or Crofterz to name one of the scariest games of this generation of consoles and they would undoubtedly answer “Dead Space!”. Any regular listener of our podcast will have heard these guys talking in depth about their love affair with this critically praised title. Taking influence from films like The Thing From Another World, Alien, and Event Horizon, and mixing it with the play style of the Resident Evil games, Dead Space is a third person survival horror game that has you trapped in space on a ship filled with undead aliens out for your blood. Crofterz finds it so frightening that he has to play it in day light with the sound off. You can’t really get better than that, can you?

Gears of War 2 GOTY edition £14.99 Our very own Crofterz wrote: “Gears of War 2 is a brilliant game and it stands out as one of the fewer games which actually get somewhere to meeting the standards promised by the Microsoft hype machine. Building on a great first game, the second takes what the first game was so good at and adds to them. Both campaign mode and multi-player mode are both very enjoyable and certainly earns it’s right to be one of Microsoft’s blockbuster games.” Also included in this copy is every piece of downloadable content released for the game to date, which would set you back by at least £15 if you wanted to buy them all directly from the Xbox Live Marketplace. It would almost be rude not to take advantage of this offer.

£4.99 Who says every good game has to be filled with blood and gore? Certainly not the UK’s own Rare, makers of such classic titles as Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, and the Viva Pinata games. Rather than shooting fools in the head, you take the role of a gardener who sets out to tame a patch of scrub land and attract various species to your garden. Think of this as Pokemon and The Sims crossed with Ground Force, and add 100 Litres of pure charisma. Chuck in two player split screen, and four player online, Trouble in Paradise is a fantastic family friendly game that can appeal to people of all ages. And for less than £5, if you’re an Xbox 360 owner you would be mad not to pick it up.

Bioshock 2 360 £26.80 When this was announced, a vocal faction on the internet rose up to question why this game even needed to exist. The first Bioshock had a very clear ending, and while uneven, had one of the most engaging storylines in a first person shooter to date. In our review for the site Mightyles wrote “While the story is a lot more conventional and straight forward than the original, it is consistent with the Bioshock universe, and truth be told a lot more even. Playing as the Big Daddy adds a new level of strategy to the game, and the Multiplayer should keep people coming back for a good while to come.”

PS3 £24.91 As War, Horseman of the Apocalypse, you must find out who has destroyed humanity by reigniting an eternal conflict between Angels and Demons and punish them with your mighty weapons. Mightyles wrote “While some may deride the game for being too derivative, I personally found the overall experience to be very pleasing. This game is ideal for those that like adventure games, particularly those that have never played a Zelda game but always wanted to try one without purchasing a Nintendo console.” and JoeFeesh wrote “There’s a lot to love about this game. If you ever wanted to see what a mature Zelda game would be like or hoped for more adventuring and puzzle solving in your action brawler games, it’s all here.”

Red Faction Guerilla PS3 £9.93 Tom01255 is a big fan of Red Faction Guerilla, going as far as saying “ really is a joy… I thoroughly recommend it if you’re stuck for something to play… Explosions, as you would expect from a game focussing on demolition, sound and feel real and gratifying. The gameplay certainly has some issues, but these issues don’t detract from the fun you can have with this game…”

Wii £7.46 Taking a very clear influence from Sin City, this ultra stylish gore fest arena combat game may lack depth, but it is viscerally entertaining. Mightyles wrote “There’s something utterly hilarious about taking a stop sign from the side of a road and ramming it into the head of an enemy you had previous trapped by sticking him in a dumpster. Did I mention that this dumpster was also on fire? Madworld is a fun, arcadey, gory, yet humorous game that will satisfy your inner child no ends.”

Wii £12.73 It seems like the Nintendo Wii is the new home of Light Gun games. One of the best to be found on the console is the latest in Sega’s long running series, House of the Dead Overkill. Mightyles Wrote “The style of the game has been dramatically overhauled, moving to a graphical style similar to a 70s exploitation movie, and a world populated with quirky, over the top characters. There is a film grain filter over the graphics, and the script is pure trashy B movie material, with numerous hilarious moments. In short, it is fantastic.”

Wii £12.99 One of the more unique games available on the Wii, and one that genuinely makes excellent use of the motion controls is Capcom’s Okami. While you play as a god in the form of a Wolf for the most part, you are able to perform special moves by using the Wii remote like a paint brush and drawing specific symbols in order to pull the moves off. JoeFeesh wrote “There is a debate out there that’s been going on for a long time; are games a form of art? Okami is a working argument that they are. The visual style is beautiful and… is what makes the game so pretty, not the technical prowess. It’s hard to understand until you see the game in motion, and see for yourself how the world moves and feels like a living painting.”

Multiformat Deal of the Week

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Superstar developers RockStar, makers of the Grand Theft Auto series, have a new game coming out on 21st May. The sequel to the fantastic Red Dead Revolver, Redemption takes place in America’s old west, casting you as John Marston, a former outlaw sent to bring law and order to the what remains of the Wild West during the early days of the 20th century. With RockStar’s trademark excellent voice acting and attention to detail, this game looks to be more than just GTA on horseback.

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