About Us

Welcome to NEWB Dating!

logo_NEWB Dating is the leading company that helps out with dating advice. We have dedicated our time to helping people out who seems to be having some problems that concern dating. For us, it is a big deal. We don’t just help out in the dating part itself because we want to provide our assistance to the overall dating experience from the clothes that you should wear up the place where you will be dating. NEWB Dating understands the attraction between two persons can lead to a more serious relationship and that is the reason why we are here so you can have a firm foundation from the first date you will have.

We started out in the industry around ten years ago, and since then we have helped thousands of people in resolving their dating issues. We have seen a lot of couples who found success from dating to taking it to the next level. It is a fact that there are people who don’t even have a single problem with dating but most of us do. With NEWB Dating, we can help you build your confidence to make things worthwhile even on your first date.