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Despite having only launched a few days days ago in the UK, ’s latest game LA Noire has set sales charts alight, becoming the fastest selling new series in history. Armchair detectives the world over are now glued to their TV sets, testing their skills against nearly two dozen tricky crimes.

While it is entirely possible to complete every single case with the bare minimum of effort, to get the most out of the game, and reveal every secret, you will need to earn a five star rating on every case. Of course, this is easier said than done, as the characters in the game will go out of their way to feed you misinformation.

With this in mind we decided to share our top tips for getting a five star rating on every case.

Listen To The Crime Scene

The first thing budding investigators will need to do is listen out for musical cues. A musical sequence (and vibration of the pad) will let you know that you are standing right next to a piece of evidence. Remember that not everything you can pick up is useful evidence, but most things can be used to build up your case.

Make sure to pick up every bit of evidence

Be as thorough as you can, searching every inch of the crime scene. The musical cues also help you out when it comes to any evidence you have already logged; if you hear a single piano note that means that you have already examined this piece of evidence and can move on. When all evidence is found a short tune will play before all background music stops playing, meaning it is time to move on. Collecting every piece of evidence will help inform your decision making process when you are interviewing suspects, which is key to solving each crime.

Master Interrogating Suspects

One of the key things to master when interrogating suspects is to know when to doubting a suspect and knowing when to accuse them of lying. When you think that a suspect is lying, but have no proof, always choose the doubt option. However, if you have proof that they are lying you must accuse them of lying and present them with the evidence that proves your case. Another thing to keep in mind is that in the event that you accuse a suspect of lying but realise that you have no evidence it is possible to back out of the accusation without being penalised.

The Expressions in LA Noire are hardly subtle, if the suspect is doing anything other than looking your firmly in the eye then chances are they are not being entirely truthful.

Pay attention to the suspects' facial expressions

Intuition Goes a Long Way

If you find yourself in a real jam, and do not know where to turn, do not forget to use your intuition points that are earned by levelling up. These points can be used to eliminate incorrect answers, highlight all missing clues on your map, or, show the percentage of online community that picked each answer, like the “ask the audience” lifeline in Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

By no means will this answer all of your questions for you, but it can help root out some of the wrong answers and set you on the right path.

The Social Club is Your Friend

Speaking of the community, you can get a vague idea of what answer to select simply by entering the intuition menu. You don’t have to spend your intuition point to see what percentage of the community made the correct choice. Simply press the intuition button and, so long as you are connected to the internet, you will see the exact percentage of users that made the right choice.

For instance, if it seems like a suspect is telling the truth, but you’re not entirely certain, look at what the community chose. If the vast majority got it right, then they are likely telling the truth. Similarly if a small percentage got it right, then the suspect is likely misleading you.

The Social Club should be your best friend

Get Your Partner To Drive

Unlike Rockstar’s most famous series, Grand Theft Auto, LA Noire actively penalises you for driving like a lunatic, or causing damage to the city. At the end of each mission the damage you caused to public property, and to your own vehicle, is tallied up and you are issued with a sizeable fine that can bring down your overall rank.

Fortunately if you stand next to your vehicle and and hold the Y button (360) you can order your partner to drive you to your next location, thusly avoiding any fines that you might have picked up along the way. Yes, this will mean that you won’t get the chance to tackle the side missions, or find most of the hidden items, but you can always come back to them once you have completed your cases.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Always remember, if you find that you have made a colossal error you can always quit out to the main menu and try again from the last checkpoint. Failing that, every mission is replayable from your desk, so just because you didn’t do as well as you wanted in one case, it doesn’t mean that you cannot try again at a later date.

Hopefully these tips will serve you well and help you get the most out of LA Noire. Think we’ve missed something out? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post to share your top tips.

- Luke Mears

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  1. This game is awesome (playing it on PS3), but have a question…I have 5 stars on all levels except manifest destiny, where i’ve gotten 4…i know what I did wrong and have been trying to re-play it but still can’t get to 5 stars…any thoughts?

  2. Another little tip: if you find that you have to drive at any point, be sure to turn on your siren and stick to the outer lane. When the drivers hear your siren they will move over to the right hand lane, clearing the way for you. It is also wor noting that most car chases do not go on indefinately. They usually culminate in the criminal pulling over somewhere and trying to get away on foot, so just take your time and keep them in your line of sight.

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